Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snowed in AGAIN

Well this is the SIXTH day school has been cancelled in the city where I work this year. Luckily, my long term assignment ended yesterday so today I would have been off anyway. What's a girl to do when snowed in? Scrap of course!

Since I didn't have any page kits ready to go, I took a bunch of tags and stamps next door so I could visit Shannon and Baby Andrew and just did some experimenting. I am ashamed to say I am totally behind the times when it comes to all the cool mists out there. I have 2 store-bought bottles and one I made myself following tips from 2 Peas. I made three tags using varying amounts of layering, stamping, punching, and misting. Ready to give it a go on a page now.


  1. super cute tag!

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog this week. i truly appreciate you taking the time to write such aa kink comment. I would be honored if you stopped by again sometime or even signed up to follow me, and I would do the same. thanks again! mary pat

  2. Your tag looks great! I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to mists. I've got a couple of bottles but just haven't played around with them much.